A few of my favorite things

I’m listening to the “Game of Thrones” audio book right now. I’ve seen the first 2 seasons of the HBO series. The man reading the book has a rich accent so it’s been hard to follow sometimes but a good experience.

The book has helped me to understand the characters better, which is the reason the story is so good. The characters are played up so well and you begin to understand their hopes and fears and watch them overcome it all. It’s amazing.

Audio books are my new favorite thing. I have been listening to them non-stop since January. A lot of times when people find out I read audio books they think I’m taking the easy way out. As if the importance of the book is to physically read it. I think the story is the most important thing. And the experience of having one or multiple readers bring the story to life, is much more satisfying to me. But of course I understand where they are coming from… I can’t shut off empathy, unfortunately.

fashion illustration by KT❤
fashion illustration, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

I created a new illustration last night. It was really fun but very time consuming to do two people at once. I believe the more time you put into something, the better the results. Instant gratification is over rated 😉

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