Gavin by KT❤
Gavin, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

This is an illustration I made of my nephew. He just turned 11 years old. What 11 year old by wouldn’t like a “cartoon” rendering of himself right? Well, his reaction was everything I hoped for. He was ecstatic 🙂

On a side note, responsibility is one of the most important things that aid in our survival. If you dodge it at every turn what can you expect but to find your life drifting down an endless slope? It’s easy to make excuses and it’s easy to blame all of your problems on others but the easiest solution is usually never the right one. When you have children you have to forget yourself and try to think of what it life is like for them. Things that happen in our childhood usually make up a lot of who we become as adults. Try to have respect for them because they are only human and try to put yourself in their position because they are helpless and can only depend on you for support. Love and be loved. Respect and be respected. You get what you give.

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