Love, Respect, and Guidance

Love, Respect, and Guidance by KT❤
Love, Respect, and Guidance, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

I made this to reflect the thoughts I’ve had on my mind for a few days now.

Children need love, respect, and guidance. To keep this world full of strong, healthy, capable people… it’s starts with parenting.

A lot of people now days have children because they want to become an adult as fast as they can. They want to “play house”. They don’t understand that there is no room for selfish actions anymore. All of their choices should be made by keeping in mind the well being of their children.

It’s not fair for a child to grow up in a household where they learn that anger and violence is the only way to deal with their problems and frustrations. It’s not fair when a child feels left out and out of place because they don’t get the positive attention they crave. Imagining the adult they will most likely become saddens me deeply. I have so much empathy for these children that I often cry for them.

If our number one priority as adults became the well being of our children, perhaps humanity and the world wouldn’t be so corrupt anymore.

[adobe photoshop]

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