All for Nothing

Untitled by KT❤
Untitled, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

My observations may not always be the truth, but I like to think I have a way of seeing past the surface.

I’ve become a different person over the years. I choose not to form relationships with people, mostly because we are so different and because the most important relationships I’ve formed have always ended in disappointment. The ones I want don’t want me back. Either that or they have unrealistic expectations of me and don’t appreciate what I have to offer. It is an unbearable form of rejection that has weakened my spirit. These days I prefer to be invisible. At work, of course, I am forced to socialize. Customers are rude and inconsiderate and co-workers are unreasonable and judgmental.

What is important in this world? It’s weird to think that at one point I cared so much what others thought of me that I became what they wanted me to be. Now that I don’t care in the least, am I who I want to be? A lot of the time I’m grumpy and irritated.

Humanity is disappointing to me. Obama was just elected president for a second term and now there are multiple states petitioning to become their own countries. America seems to want to divide into republicans and democrats. It’s a bit extreme and ridiculous.

Nothing I do or say will change these people. It’s hopeless to want a better country and the people who live in this country are hopeless as well.


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