Making Doll Clothes

Making Doll Clothes by intraordinary
Making Doll Clothes, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

Doll clothes were the very reason I was inspired to learn how to sew. This past Christmas I was shopping for doll clothes for my niece because she, like every other little girl her age, is obsessed with her 18″ American Girl doll.

I found some people selling these clothes in a mall in my town. I asked them if they made the doll clothes themselves and they said they just bought them wholesale and sold them. I thought it would be kind of smart to cut out the middle man and just make some myself. Plus I only found one outfit I liked among their table of clothing because the style seemed kind of outdated. I know I can visualize, and hopefully create better outfits then they had to choose from.

So far, I am looking for simple tutorials on how to make dresses, shirts, pants, etc and then maybe I’ll get a little more creative and venture into making my own patterns!

This is a simple dress from a tutorial I found online and it comes with a free pattern. It was pretty easy to make and would be fun to experiment with different patterns.

The website is called
but it seems to be down for some reason right now. Hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

I can’t wait to make more clothing!

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