Laminated Fabric Garbage Bag

Fabric Garbage Bag by intraordinary
Fabric Garbage Bag, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

In an effort to continue decorating my car with home-made items using fabric, I decided to get rid of the plastic grocery bags I used for garbage and make my own garbage bag.

I used this tutorial >>> here

and I found some nice laminated fabric on etsy >>> here

I recently succumbed and bought a flower for my VW bug because it comes with a vase and I always notice the flowers in other bugs when I see them. It’s a big fluffy pink flower that reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss. Anyways, I chose fabric that matched the flower and the black interior of my car.

bug flower

I’m sure this bag will come to good use over the years and because the fabric is waterproof I can just rinse it out with water every so often! I love it so much I could just give it a big hug 🙂

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