Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink by intraordinary
Pretty In Pink, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I’ve been hearing good things about china glaze nail polish but I didn’t know anywhere that sold it until someone at work told me that we had a Sally store in town. I’ve been there a few times since then and I picked up my very first set.

I’m not fond of nail polish that gets gloopy when applying it. Not only that but then when you have to put a second coat of it on just so it looks even… makes me frustrated. I had to start over 3 times on the base coat until I was satisfied with the way it looked. The color looks great, the application was a challenge… It’s called “Something Sweet.”

I waited a good hour before putting the next coat on just to make sure the base coat was dry so I didn’t have to start over again. The other two layers went on smooth… I guess they can’t all be perfect. The second one is called “Dance Baby” and the third is “Make an Entrance.”

I put the third one on my toes too because it’s finally flip flop season outside!! I live in the North part of the country where we still have snow on the ground. It’s been in the 30’s or colder all month until Friday. Right now I hear the birds chirping outside my window, I love warm weather!


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