Bow Clutch

Bow Clutch by intraordinary
Bow Clutch, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I am so happy I decided to learn how to sew. I love looking at all the different colors and patterns there are available. It’s hard to choose because the options are endless.

It’s exciting to try something new and end up with a functional product I can actually use. This clutch, for example, was just a practice project for me because I have never sewn on a zipper before and I heard it was not easy. I was surprised to find out it was not as difficult as I thought.

For this project I used some of the leftover fabric I had from my sling bag. I plan to attempt this clutch again because I love the design but I think next time I will try using heavier fabric in solid colors. Maybe dark pink, turquoise, or yellow!

I wish my favorite fabrics weren’t so expensive because I want to buy them all!!


2 thoughts on “Bow Clutch

  1. Lovely clutch! I also haven’t put in a zip yet. I’ve been dreading it as everyone tells me its the worst sewing job so I’m relieved that you didn’t find it too bad. I’m going to give it a go this weekend,

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