Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails by intraordinary
Galaxy Nails, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I have had so many failed attempts at manicures this week. Nothing I’ve done seems to turn out the way I picture it in my head. It’s frustrating to immediately take off polish that you put so much time into applying. ugh.

This is my humble attempt at galaxy nails. I had so much fun experimenting with all the colors. It was like creating an abstract painting with a sponge on my nails. I like the way they turned out but I’ve seen some really spectacular ones on pinterest and I know mine are nothing to brag about. I will probably try using a tutorial if I do these again.

Nail Polish Used:
China Glaze “Liquid Leather”
China Glaze “Four Leaf Clover”
China Glaze “Dance Baby”
China Glaze “Sun Worshiper
China Glaze “White on White”
Orly “Charged Up”
Essie “Set In Stones”

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