Julep Polish Review

Gift From My Mom by intraordinary
Gift From My Mom, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

My mom said she saw a really good deal online for nail polish and she couldn’t pass it up. It was one of those limited time offers, so I’m sure it’s not available anymore. Anyway, I thought maybe she was going to start painting her nails and I was surprised to find out they were for me! The pack also came with a mix of blue and red sparkles with stars in them.. she kept that one for herself 🙂 She is a 4th of July baby so it suits her.

This is my first experience with Julep and I am impressed. It goes on really nice and even and the coverage is great. A second coat is needed but only for minor inconsistencies. I like the shape of the bottle too but it only holds 8ml, unlike other bottles in my collection which hold anywhere from 13.5ml – 18ml. Plus it is more expensive then most polish at 14 dollars a bottle. Less polish and more expensive… I don’t know about that.

I can’t get this brand in any of the beauty stores in my town but I will consider looking for more package deals online.

Nail Polish Used:
Julep: Raegan (pink)

Other Nail Polish Pictured:
Julep: Lexie (yellow)
Julep: Dianna (green)
Julep: Bess (blue)


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