Removing Glitter Nail Polish

Untitled by intraordinary
Untitled, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I have a love hate relationship with glitter nail polish. I love the way it looks when I wear it… all shimmery and beautiful. But I hate how hard it is to take off.

You can take it off using cotton balls, polish remover and tinfoil but it’s kind of a challenge to put tinfoil on your right hand when the fingers on your left hand have tinfoil on them đŸ™‚ I started doing one hand at a time, it takes longer but it’s less challenging. Also, my fingers get hot after wearing the foil for around 5 minutes and can be a little uncomfortable.

Despite all of this, I will not stop wearing glitter nail polish. I believe it’s worth the trouble.

Here’s a tutorial from cutepolish on how to take the polish off, if anyone is curious.

Nail Polish Used:
Sally Hansen: Wedding Crasher

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