Christmas Nails

Christmas Nails by intraordinary
Christmas Nails, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I love these nails! I like showing them to people because everyone has a different reaction, exclaiming their favorite nail right away when they seem them.

One of the reasons it’s so fun for me to do a different design every week is because the people that know me come to expect it. My co-workers come up to me at work at say “What did you do this week?” They get especially excited with holiday themed nails and I’m just as excited to show them off.

People are always telling me that I should do peoples nails for money but having it as a hobby is fun and if I were obligated to do other people’s nails everyday, I don’t think it would be fun anymore. Besides I don’t think anyone I know would be content to sit for two hours without being able to touch anything.

Nail Polish Used:
Finger Paints “Key To My Art”
Revlon “Rain Forest”
China Glaze “Liquid Leather”
OPI “Embarca-Dare Ya!”
Kiss Nail Art “White”

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