Nail Polish Nook

Nail Nook

Nail Polish Storage by intraordinary
Nail Polish Storage, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

When I moved into my new home recently, I inherited this lovely window seat in my office.

First I painted it a turquoise color (shades of blue are my favorite colors) Then I added curtains to soften the color a little bit. I got some beautiful upholstery fabric on Cyber Monday for 60% off and upholstered a seat cushion using some mdf, foam, and badding. I want to ad more pillows but I made some small ones for in the mean time. For my birthday (which was on December 13) I got a gift card to Pottery Barn from my fiance and I got these beautiful glass jars to store all my nail supplies.

Now I can sit in my window and relax, listen to an audio book and paint my nails.

The next thing to go are those generic shades. I’m thinking to replace them with maybe some roman shades. We will see.

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