Water Marble Nails

Water Marble Nails

A co-worker shared a youtube tutorial with me from cutepolish on facebook and she asked “Have you done this?”

While I’ve seen nail art with water marbling and I knew of it, I had never actually watched a tutorial or tried it before… so I thought to myself, challenge accepted!

One evening after work I laid down a towel and got everything setup and ready to go and I tried it… two hours later, I finally decided what I had done was acceptable enough. She sure does make it look a whole lot easier than it is. I think I did almost every nail twice because the first attempt didn’t turn out well enough. If I tried it again I think I could do a better job but it does use up a lot of nail polish which makes it a quite expensive mani… so I probably won’t.

Nail Polish Used:
Essie “Mezmorised”
Essie “Avenue Maintain”
Essie “In the Cab-ana”
Julep “Lexie”

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