Born Pretty Review: Nail Art Tools

Springtime Nail Art

Well! I am super excited to share with you, a great place for nail art and beauty supplies (among other things). I’m sure most of you have already heard of this store, it’s called Born Pretty.

You will not believe the prices until you look for yourself… and the best part is, it’s free shipping anywhere in the world! Plus if you use this code CLB10 you can get an extra 10% off your purchase!

bornprettystore nail brushes and dotting tools

I love to hand paint designs on my nails and there are two types of tools I use every week to do this. These tools in particular you can get at Born Pretty.

Nail Brushes: I use for designs like this one, to get a nice hand painted look and for creating very small and thin brush strokes. These brushes are great because they are nice and skinny which is exactly what you need for getting your brush strokes steady and precise.

Dotting Tools:  are useful for so many things. Of course you can use them for creating polka dots (which are super easy), but I also use dotting tools for creating all kinds of different (more complicated) shapes. This set is great because you get 5 of them, with tips in varying sizes. The other end of each one has a small tip. Sometimes I even use the smallest tipped ones for getting off excess nail polish on my fingers when things get a little messy.

bornprettystore nail brushes and dotting tools

I usually start by getting everything I need set up and ready to go. I unscrew the tops of my nail polish because doing this while your nails are wet might be a little difficult, not to mention the possibility of bumping your nail and having to start all over.  When using dotting tools and brushes I like to grab a paper plate or a notebook to use as my palette. A couple of drops is all you need to get started because it will start to dry quickly and become unusable after a couple of minutes. Then you just simply dip your tool in and start painting!

bornprettystore dotting tool

The key to using a dotting tool is to very gently place the polish on the nail without touching the nail with the tip.

bornprettystore nail brush

For this design, I was going for kind of an uneven, messy look with my brush strokes because I wanted to have a nice hand painted effect. I first painted the flower and then went over the outline of it with black paint.

With the help of some essential nail art tools, a nail art design that looks challenging might not actually be as hard as you think 😉

Born Pretty


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