Born Pretty Review: Rose Nail Stickers

Born Pretty rose nail stickers

These are the coolest stickers! I expected them to be like regular stickers and I have to admit before I read the instructions on how to apply them I got frustrated trying to peel them off. Silly me I know 😛

This might be the first time I haven’t hand painted a design on my nails. If the beauty stores in my town sold stickers like this that might not be true. I got just as many compliments on these nails as I get with my other designs. Hand-painting them can take up to 4 hours sometimes, while this technique took about 45 minutes and that was only because I had to wait for the base color to dry. You can buy these stickers at, they have a huge selection of nail art supplies and they are inexpensive and include free shipping. If you use the code CLB10 you can get an extra 10% off your purchase.


Born Pretty rose nail stickers

Okay, so this is how they work… in case you don’t know.
1. Cut the portion off that  you want on your nail.
2. Soak it in water for 10 to 20 seconds. At this point the sticker should slide right off the backing.
3.  Make sure the sticker and the nail you put it on are wet and you can adjust the positioning all you want.
4. When you get it where you want it to be, dry it with a paper towel.
5. Apply a top coat to seal it in place.

Pretty neat huh!?


Born Pretty rose nail stickers

I couldn’t decide what I wanted the base color to be so I did one hand with purple and one hand with pink. I like the stickers on the pink polish because it has a subtle, feminine look. But I think they look better on the purple because they stand out more and you can see all the little wispy stems and leaves better.

Born Pretty rose nail stickers



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