Dog Walking Flyer

KrissyHastings Flyer 2014

My sister started a new job recently, walking dogs. She wanted some help to get the word out to try and get some new clients. So she gave me creative freedom to build her a flyer and business cards. She’s living in California, so I wanted it to have bright, summery colors. I chose a vintage style because it seems to be popular in brands having to do with surfing and beach wear  and I thought it would appeal to people living near the beach in California. I created the illustration with my sister in mind. It represents the kind of person she is because she’s girly and she enjoys fashion.

The creation of the illustration started with pen and paper and some visual references I pulled up from my inspiration resources. I scanned the sketch in and outlined it in illustrator. Then I brought it over to photoshop where I used my tablet to color it in.  And lastly, I assembled the whole thing in indesign, where I formatted the text and added everything else.

This is the kind of thing I do on a daily basis at the newspaper I work for. The sales reps usually just supply the copy (or the information) and I design the ad. There are some big differences though. For one, I usually have to use clip art from some not so good stock photo sites and I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like putting them together. It’s nice to be able to create something like this, that uses my own artwork and it always helps when I can start something and come back to it later.

KrissyHastings BusinessCard  2014

I really want my sister to succeed at everything she does and I know how important appearances can be when it comes to advertising yourself and your business. So I am glad I can help her make a good first impression and hopefully get some new clients.


2 thoughts on “Dog Walking Flyer

  1. I really love the flyer; supercute design. You’ve a really good eye for design but that shows through the design of your website too. I hope she gets lots of new clients!

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