Sheer Nails

Sheer Nails

I saw something like this on pinterest and I wanted to try it out. Luckily I had a tiny bit of top coat left and I was waiting until my new bottle of top coat got a little lower so I could combine them. Instead, I took a drop of my black nail polish and put it in hoping to get a nice transparent black color. I mixed it up the best I could and then tried to apply it and it didn’t work… the mixture was inconsistent. I set it aside to throw away but the next day I decided to try it again and this time it was perfect! If at first you don’t succeed… or something 🙂

So I put on a coat of my new sheer nail polish mixture. Then I painted a black line all the way around my nail (secret: I found this part rather difficult and after several failed attempts on my opposite hand, I decided to paint those nails black instead). Then I applied the dots and another coat of the black transparent stuff. And then, just for good measure, I put a regular top coat on. 🙂 Needless to say, these nails didn’t chip all week 🙂

My mom said they evoke memories of the past, when people used to wear things like black hats with netted veils on them. They remind me of polka dotted nylon stockings.


Nail Polish Used
OPI Black Onyx


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