Leopard Print Nails

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Leopard Print Nails

This is my first attempt at leopard print nails. Girls really respond to this pattern for some reason. I got a lot of comments and compliments on them this week. One person even thought they were stickers! While this design was time consuming and tedious, I would rate the level the level of difficulty low. As long as you have nail polish with a nice consistency and some dotting tools… and a couple of free hours I’m sure you can do this one.

I usually grab a paper plate or a notebook and flip to a blank page, to use as a palette for my colors. I use a couple drops at a time because it will dry out quickly and start to become gloopy, which is difficult to work with.

I started with putting on evenly spaced pink polka dots, allowing myself a lot of room for the black edges. When applying polish with a dotting tool it is best not to actually touch it to your nail. Just slightly hovering over the nail will do the trick and will provide a more even application. Then use some black polish and make some squiggly uneven lines around the outside of the dots. The great thing about this part is that they are supposed to be random and imperfect. As long as you don’t end up making a complete circle around the dot, you should be successful. Lastly, add some small black dots with your dotting tool in some of the empty areas between the pattern.

Tip: Don’t put the top coat on until your nails are completely dry and try to apply it in 3 strokes per nail without touching the brush to the nail for best results. There is nothing like spending hours on your nails only to have them smear when you apply the top coat.

Another Tip: To prevent yourself from using your hands while your polish is drying, hold something in them… like a bottle or a ball.

Good Luck!

Nail Polish Used
OPI Black Onyx
OPI A rose at dawn… broke by noon
OPI My boyfriend scales walls


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