A random journal entry

Okay, something a little different for today! A random journal entry.

I never realized until today how much I love buying art. I spend a lot of my time on my computer looking at design. I look at interior design, graphic design, nail art, photography, sculpture, and illustration. I know when I see something I love because it brings out some kind of emotional response in me… when the beauty of it is beyond breathtaking. The kind of art a person loves says just as much about that person as the actual art says about the artist and it’s a nice reminder to me to remember (and love) who I am and it’s heart warming to know that even though I don’t know this person, I share something with them.

When I buy someone’s art it’s like having a piece of their personality in my home and I feel a strange sort of bond with a person that I’ve never met. What makes it even more special for me is because I get to validate the artist, I get to let that person know that I value their passion in life and I think that feeling would be amazing. I know what it means to be an artist. It’s tough because the quality of your work is all you have to go on, and when you have to be creative every single day, conjuring it can sometimes prove to be difficult. You are also putting yourself out there for someone else to judge and of course you want their approval.

Anyway, I get a strange sort of thrill when I make a final purchase and I anticipate everything I possibly can about it. When it will get here, what kind of frames should I buy, where I should hang it in my home. I also like the prospect of being able to not only share a little bit about myself, but also share some of the artist’s work with you.

Here are the prints I bought today by Loish van Baarke. I hope you like them. Left | Middle | Right

Lois van Baarle | Illustrator

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