Polymer Clay Santa Claus

Polymer Clay Santa

I went to a craft fair with my mom and Craig this weekend. I didn’t end up buying anything but popcorn and fudge… but I did walk away with some creative ideas and a lot of inspiration for my polymer clay creations.

One vendor had the cutest Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Craig liked them because he thought they would look cute in our Christmas town. So I decided to try and make them myself. So far the santa turned out pretty good! You can’t tell by the picture but he’s only about 2 inches tall. After I do Mrs. Claus next, I might try to do some reindeer and a sleigh too!

Of course, anytime I start up a new hobby… people think I should sell my creations. Normally I don’t like to do that because it turns the hobby into an obligation and then it’s no longer fun anymore and I end up losing interest. But who knows… if I can develop some of my own little characters, maybe I can have my own station at the craft show next year. We will just see how it goes.


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