Leaf Nails

Leaf Nails

I ran out of ideas for Thanksgiving nails and I don’t really have any colors for them either… so this is what I went with.

My Thanksgiving was great! There were a few ups and downs but that’s just the nature of life in general. On our calendar we have the day marked as “tree day” because we always put up our Christmas tree that day and Craig looks forward to decorating for Christmas more than anything else. haha.

I used to be a “grinch” when it came to Christmas and now I love it because Craig loves it and I want to make it special for him because I know it will make him happy. Now I hear people complaining about Christmas everywhere I go and I’m glad I found a way to enjoy the Holidays because if we didn’t have them to look forward to the winter season would just be extremely depressing.

I have some fun Christmas/Winter nail art planned! Happy Holidays and I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving.

Nail Polish Used
OPI Alpine Snow
China Glaze Big Apple Red


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