Plaid Nails and Secret Santa

Plaid Nails

Nail Polish Used
OPI Big Apple Red
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Finger Paints Key To My Art

Today was a really fun day! It was the last day off work before my vacation until next Friday. I made an ornament for my co-worker to give to her daughter as a Christmas present and she loved it! It made me so happy to be able to make something she was really proud to give her daughter.

1st Christmas Ornament

1st Christmas Ornament

It was also secret santa day. I got this really cute double tier silver platter type thing. We were challenged with trying to guess who gave us the gifts we got. Mine came with a card and so I started comparing the handwriting to all the Christmas cards I had received from my co-workers and that’s how I discovered who it had come from! I’m very proud of myself as you might have noticed πŸ™‚ She suggested I put my nail polish on it and I could not think of a better use for it myself! What a great gift! The funnier and more embarrassing part of the story, however, was when I started trying to puzzle out who gave it to me with someone, while the person who gave it to me was in ear shot and I said I thought it seemed like something an older lady might give as a gift. Good thing the person had a sense of humor about it! Haha, oops!

Nail Polish Stand

I got my boss in the drawing for secret santa. I knew whoever I got I was going to make something for them with clay. She has two little girls who are into dancing, so I made two little girls out of clay wearing dancing outfits and glued them to a picture frame. To be completely honest I almost didn’t give them to her because I wasn’t sure it was a good enough gift… but she loved it so much I almost felt like crying. I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. And people came up to me through-out the day just to tell me how much they liked my gift. Another one of my co-workers even commissioned one from me! I forgot to take a picture of it :/ but I’m sure I can still get one. Today was really what Christmas is all about for me. It’s so much fun to make someone’s day πŸ™‚

Craig and I are going to try to attempt to go skiing in the next couple of days. I’m pretty nervous about it since I haven’t actually skied in probably 20 years… I hope I don’t chicken out!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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