Polymer Clay Fairy

Polymer clay fairy

So, I made this little fairy the other day on a whim and I brought it into work to show my co-workers. You can’t tell from the picture but it’s actually only an inch tall and sits comfortably in the palm of my hand. Someone at work saw it and said that she was starting a fairy garden and she might have to hire me. So I’ve decided to start a fairy garden of my own. I am looking forward to the project. What could be more fun to make than fairies, flowers, bugs, mushrooms, and a mini world full of magic and whimsy? I can’t wait! There are some things I have to work on… like supporting the ones that need to stand up straight and maybe making cuter wings, but a project isn’t a project without trial and error.

The other day I decided to count how many polymer clay pieces I’ve made and I can’t be sure but I think it averages about 90 so far. People keep telling me “you’re getting so good at that!” And I should hope, after making that many, I would be getting better! And there is still so much to learn!


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