Winter Nails

Winter Nails

I recently did one of those Facebook quizzes to determine what state I belong in. Normally I hate those quizzes because people seem to put so much stock into the answers as if they are 100% true or something. One of the questions it asked me was if I would rather put up with scorching heat, frigid cold, high humidity… and I can’t remember the other one. I have lived in North Dakota my whole life and I have had to deal with really cold temperatures in the winter. I’ve never really had to deal with scorching heat. I realize that either one is a trade off because the summers in North Dakota are perfect and I’m sure the winters in the South are more desirable. Even though I tell myself that I would rather live somewhere warmer… I do like the weather here. I can handle the cold and I am able to look forward to the summer, which makes it more enjoyable when it finally gets here. Life is about balance because you can’t have good without the bad and the bad makes you appreciate the good things.

The current temperature here is 1 degree Fahrenheit. And the amount of snow we’ve gotten just in the passed 10 days are the inspiration for these nails.


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