Thoughts About Weightloss

Another random entry….

I am on a diet. Yes, that’s right you heard me! Why am I so defensive you might ask? One would think that choosing to watch what you eat in order to lose weight would be considered a good thing but surprisingly enough, I get more negative responses than positive ones…

I started out at 150 and my goal is to lose 20lbs. So far I’ve lost 15 of the 20. I started by downloaded a fitness app that, when you enter in the food you are eating, it keeps track of the nutrition information and most importantly the calories. Based on my height and weight, I need to eat about 1400 calories a day to lose .5lb a week. It’s been about 2 months now and it’s worked like a charm. If you’ve never done this before, you would be surprised at the amount of calories people consume on a daily basis without even knowing it! I can only eat at restaurants that have a low calorie menu. Breakfast places especially, serve meals with a calorie count that is through the roof! It’s no wonder there is an obesity problem in the US. I heard somewhere that soon, restaurants will be forced to provide the calorie content of their menu items. I think people might be less likely to eat something if they new how many calories were in it.

So why the negative reactions? I’m not really sure… I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’m thinking that maybe when there are doughnuts or other sugary food around and I turn them down, the person who offered feels bad about themselves for choosing to eat them and directs their negative feelings towards me to try to make me feel bad? Of course, that’s all just speculation.

Another theory I have is that when I tell people I’m counting calories, they associate me eating less with having an eating disorder and that I am being unhealthy. But really, when you can have a 100 calorie snack you would probably rather have a whole banana than a half a cookie and so I find myself eating less junk and more fruits and vegetables. Besides that, to maintain my current weight I can only eat 1600 calories and adding 200 onto the amount I have been eating to lose weight is like practically nothing!

Anyway, it amazes me how personally people take it when I turn down their food. They tease me about it and attempt to put me down or they will try their hardest to break my will power. But the biggest factor in any diet is having will power of steal. If I decided to have a cheat day, I plan it ahead of time. If I start telling myself, it’s only one doughnut, then I will start talking myself into cheating more often and then I will fall right back into the same habits of over eating.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried counting calories. Losing the weight is not easy but the hardest part is turning a diet into a lifestyle change. I haven’t been able to master that one as of yet. It’s so hard when there are so many yummy foods to eat.

Thanks for letting me vent and I hope you will not judge dieters too much. It’s nothing personal, I swear! A little encouragement and kind words go a long way in all aspects of life, especially when someone is accomplishing something that is not easy!


6 thoughts on “Thoughts About Weightloss

  1. Congrats on losing 20 lbs so far. I can relate to the diet struggle. I find it especially hard because all of my family is Italian and they find it offensive when you don’t eat their food. I mean seriously I don’t need 3 bowls of pasta!

  2. Hi, Great post, I’m not on a diet, I’m on a lifestyle change, which I started 3 days ago (due to just turning 50, yikes!). I think the word diet sort of makes it sound not very permanent, a time when you try some strange fad, which you just can’t maintain in the long term, so you quickly go back to your ‘normal’ routine/food intake and probably put everything you’ve lost back on and more besides. So I’ve stopped calling it a diet and somehow it makes it a lot easier to maintain. I also like using an app to record my food/calorie intake it really makes you think about what you eat and ask the question do I really need or want that? Especially when it comes to junk food, they have so many calories for so little reward and short term satisfaction. Congratulations on the 15 lbs so far, I have about 30 lbs to lose and probably a bit more. Linda x

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