Sunshine Nails

Sunshine Nails

These nails have a yellow to light gray gradient with subtle white polka dots. I like them because they remind me a of sunshine.

2015-05-23 15.02.05

Here’s another picture of those crazy kittens of mine. They are getting bigger everyday! They love their cat bed (which I am thankful for). Their favorite toys are a paper bag, a box that previously contained 12 cans of soda, and a paper ball. I like these toys because when they get to much wear and tear they are easily replaceable. Riley is letting Craig clip her nails when she’s tired but Emma isn’t having it. They have recently discovered how to get up onto the dining room table and disciplining them to do anything hasn’t been going so well… but maybe persistence is the key. Riley likes to be pet and picked up and Emma just wants to bite my fingers off. I love them both 🙂


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