Colorblock Nails

Colorblock Nails

Hello everyone! So a little while ago, a few people shared a video with me of these really pretty rainbow nails applied with a sponge. Of course, she made it look sooo easy. So I thought I would give it a go. I have no idea how she did it. First I chose the colors… then I applied them to the sponge and dabbed at my nail (like she did in the video) but the colors where too light. It would probably have taken at least 5 coats to look nice and I did not have time to put 5 coats of nail polish on with a sponge to each one of my nails. I figured at that point, I already have the polish on my nail, I might as well just paint the colors on. And this is what happened. I think it looks pretty cool. 🙂

Last time I posted a picture of the clay wedding couple I made. After my co-workers husband saw the gift, he asked me if I would make his best man and groomsmen out of clay so he could give them as gifts. He had me make them holding a baseball bat and wearing a hat with the colors of their favorite baseball team.

And of course, my kitten update… I decided to compare them month by month. So here they are one month ago and what they look like now.

Emma Month by Month

Riley Month by Month

They were so wittle! And they are growing up so fast!

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