Portrait of Ashlyn



I’ve taken a break from nail art and polymer clay for now. That seems to be the way it is with me. I get obsessed with something, and then after a while I lose interest. I truly do enjoy doing both things and I have no doubt I will do them again.

But I can’t go for long with out doing something creative with my time. I think it’s probably been about 5 years since I’ve done and portraits in photoshop. I’ve done a few drawing over the passed few days and I can already see myself improving. So far they’ve just been random and I figured I should probably do a series. So, I am going to do portraits of my family.

This first one is of my niece, Ashlyn.



Ashlyn Illustration

I did this drawing of my niece Ashlyn. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her and I miss her so much. I’ve been begging her for a recent photo so I could (digitally) paint a picture of her. I realize that this a is a very stylized rendition and I did it that way because I am infatuated with the style of an artist named Kelly Vivanco. I love how she exaggerates the eyes and uses thick dark outlines and bright colors. I don’t claim to be anywhere near as good as she is and I wish I could have gone a little bit further with it but my computer can’t keep up with photoshop these days.

Speaking of computers! Craig is going to build me a new one, he already ordered the parts. I’m so stoked, I haven’t had a new computer in about 7 years. I have had a few upgrades on various parts to keep it going, but I’m long passed due for a new one. I can’t wait!

Anyways, There is not much I can do to show Ashlyn how important she is to me when we don’t get to see each other. I don’t want all of our memories of each other during this time to be non existent. I want to create a good memory… so I hope she likes it ūüôā

Ashlyn Side-by-side

The original drawing, which I did in pencil and marker is on the left and the photo I used for reference is on the right.

A random journal entry

Okay, something a little different for today! A random journal entry.

I never realized until today how much I love buying art. I spend a lot of my time on my computer looking at design. I look at interior design, graphic design, nail art, photography, sculpture, and illustration. I know when I see something I love because it brings out some kind of emotional response in me… when the beauty of it is beyond breathtaking. The kind of art a person loves says just as much about that person as the actual art says about the artist and it’s a nice reminder to me to remember (and love) who I am and it’s heart warming to know that even though I don’t know this person, I share something with them.

When I buy someone’s art it’s like having a piece of their personality in my home and I feel a strange sort of bond with a person that I’ve never met. What makes it even more special for me is because I get to validate the artist, I get to let that person know that I value their passion in life and I think that feeling would be amazing. I know what it means to be an artist. It’s tough because the quality of your work is all you have to go on, and when you have to be creative every single day, conjuring it can sometimes prove to be difficult. You are also putting yourself out there for someone else to judge and of course you want their approval.

Anyway, I get a strange sort of thrill when I make a final purchase and I anticipate everything I possibly can about it. When it will get here, what kind of frames should I buy, where I should hang it in my home. I also like the prospect of being able to not only share a little bit about myself, but also share some of the artist’s work with you.

Here are the prints I bought today by Loish van Baarke. I hope you like them. Left | Middle | Right

Lois van Baarle | Illustrator

Dog Walking Flyer

KrissyHastings Flyer 2014

My sister started a new job recently, walking dogs. She wanted some help to get the word out to try and get some new clients. So she gave me creative freedom to build her a flyer and business cards. She’s living in California, so I wanted it to have bright, summery colors. I chose a vintage style because it seems to be popular¬†in brands having to do with surfing and beach wear ¬†and I thought it would appeal to people living near the beach in California. I created the illustration with my sister in mind. It represents the kind of person she is because she’s girly and she enjoys fashion.

The creation of the illustration started with pen and paper and some visual references I pulled up from my inspiration resources. I scanned the sketch in and outlined it in illustrator. Then I brought it over to photoshop where I used my tablet to color it in.  And lastly, I assembled the whole thing in indesign, where I formatted the text and added everything else.

This is the kind of thing I do on a daily basis at the newspaper I work for. The sales reps usually just supply the copy (or the information) and I design the ad. There are some big differences though. For one, I usually have to use clip art from some not so good stock photo sites and I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like putting them together. It’s nice to be able to create something like this, that uses my own artwork and it always helps when I¬†can start something and come back to it later.

KrissyHastings BusinessCard  2014

I really want my sister to succeed at everything she does and I know how important appearances can be when it comes to advertising yourself and your business. So I am glad I can help her make a good first impression and hopefully get some new clients.

Krissy Hastings – Cake Portfolio

This is a preview of a PDF portfolio that I made for my sister’s job hunt. The buttons are interactive so potential employers can click through each page and view it as a slideshow.

This was intended to be a web portfolio at one point but was decided that it might be more practical and less expensive to have her portfolio in PDF form.

Click this link to view the portfolio >>> Krissy Hastings РCake Portfolio
Sometimes you have to click this link a second time for it to work)

I wish the best for my sister as she tries to find a job. I hope she finds somewhere that will appreciate her dedication and talent.

All I want for Christmas…

Fashion Studio by intraordinary
Fashion Studio, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I’ve been interested in fashion for a while now. However, I wouldn’t consider myself fashionable by any means. It’s hard to find clothes that fit my body type because I’m short and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on an ideal wardrobe. I just have a fascination with different color combinations, patterns, and textures.

I suppose if I wanted to I could study up on the different types of dresses, skirts, shirts etc. I could find out who the top designers are and learn about the history of how fashion has progressed through time… but I don’t see how that can benefit me at this point.

I’ve decided that I’m determined to learn how to sew. I’ve asked for a sewing machine and accessories for Christmas this year. I bought a book that explains everything I should need to know about the basics and where to get started. This will be a fun hobby for me because if I get any good at it, I can make my own clothes and accessories. I can hem my own jeans (which is a problem that plagues me frequently). I can make pillows, curtains, and other crafty things. It would just be an overall good skill to have.

I know it’s not going to be easy but I believe if you are determined enough to learn how to do something and you don’t give up through the struggles… you can learn anything no matter how difficult.