Nail Stamping Demonstration

Chevron Stamped Nails

I decided to put together a quick demonstration on how to use nail stamping tools because when people hear about it for the first time they always seem to have the same response… What the heck is that? So if you’re curious, you can view the video below.

Even though I said in the video that nail stamping is simple. There is still a lot of room for error. I am by no means an expert, in fact, I just started doing this myself.

Some of the things I’ve learned to keep in mind to get the best results are:
1. You have to file your stamper before you use it with a nail file. I’m not really sure why but I assume it has something to do with making the surface more rough so it picks up the image better.
2. Don’t press down too hard when scraping the nail polish into the grooves because you might end up scraping off more than you mean to.
3. After you’ve scraped the nail polish into the grooves with your scraper, you need to move quick to pick up the design because the nail polish will dry very quickly and will start to flake.
4. Don’t press down too hard when you’re picking up the pattern on your stamper. Just a light press does the trick.
5. You also need to move quickly to apply the pattern after you picked it up with your stamper.
6. Clean off your stamper and plate after each use.

It probably goes without saying but make sure the base color you apply is completely dry before you begin stamping. I would recommend practicing for a while before you start on your nails just to get the feel for it. Test out different nail polishes and see which ones work best.

Nail Stamping Tools

Here is what I am using:

Stamping Plate
From Born Pretty

Stamper and Scraper Set
I like to use the extra soft silicone heads because my nails are curved and the firm ones don’t cover as much surface area.
From Bundle Monster

Both stores sell stamping tools and plates. Born Pretty ships from overseas and takes a while to arrive but I like their plates better.

Nail Polish
Finger Paints
Paper Mache – white
Key to my Art – gold
From Sally Beauty

I also use a base coat and a top coat. These aren’t necessary but I recommend using them. The base coat polish prevents your nails from staining, especially if you choose a dark color. A top coat makes everything look smoother and it will allow your nail polish to last longer. I apply a top coat every 3 days.

Cotton Pads and Nail Polish Remover
Either cotton pads or a paper towel would work fine for cleaning off your plate and stamper after each use. I wouldn’t recommend using a cotton ball because it can stick to wet polish and become messy.

I think that’s everything! You don’t need to have a lot of artistic skill for this method of nail art. I think anyone could do it as long as they don’t mind practicing a little bit. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it doesn’t even take very long. Good luck!