Camera Earrings

Camera Earrings

I thought this would be a fun idea for all the photography nerds out there! They are for sale at my etsy store, along with many other styles of earrings.


Nail Polish Earrings

Nail Polish Earrings//

I was trying to decide what type of earrings I should do next when it hit me. Why don’t I make nail polish bottle earrings!? It only makes sense to combine my two favorite hobbies.

I thought I would share, and that maybe some of my fellow nail art bloggers might appreciate them. Right now I’ve made 5 different colors and I made them all glittery… because you can’t go wrong with glitter polish!

Valentine’s Day Earrings

I’m working on some Valentine’s Day Earrings for Etsy. Making earrings is a little time consuming, especially the way they’ve been selling lately. So I haven’t been keeping up with my nails. I’ve actually done a few designs but just never got around to photographing them. Maybe I will give it a rest for a while… or maybe not 🙂
Owl Earrings - Pink Owl Earrings - Black
Valentine's Day Earrings

Christmas Earrings

I’ve been hard at work making earrings for my etsy store. I can’t believe how many I’ve sold in the past few weeks. I just can’t seem to keep up! There are still some available if you’re looking to buy a present for someone, or a secret santa gift. $10 each.

2015-12-06 16.15.54

My Little Mouse

mouse, door, plant, and door mat - polymer clay

More fun with miniatures! I made this little mouse door to put on the baseboard of my craft room and I love it so much. I decided I needed to make a little mouse to go with it. I made this mouse in a bathrobe with a cup of coffee in his hand. I planned on making a little newspaper beside the door but I haven’t figured out how I am going to go about doing that yet. Then I thought it had to have a door mat and then I put the little potted plant next to the door. Isn’t it adorable? I have the cutest mouse living behind my wall. I was thinking about selling the set but I don’t think I could give it up. I might attempt to do another one but I’m not sure if I will or when at this point. I just thought I would share!