Portrait of Ashlyn



I’ve taken a break from nail art and polymer clay for now. That seems to be the way it is with me. I get obsessed with something, and then after a while I lose interest. I truly do enjoy doing both things and I have no doubt I will do them again.

But I can’t go for long with out doing something creative with my time. I think it’s probably been about 5 years since I’ve done and portraits in photoshop. I’ve done a few drawing over the passed few days and I can already see myself improving. So far they’ve just been random and I figured I should probably do a series. So, I am going to do portraits of my family.

This first one is of my niece, Ashlyn.



Untitled by KT❤
Untitled, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

I started doodling a character on a piece of paper and decided to recreate it in photoshop.

This is a style that I’ve seen a lot in recent days. In fact, I had a graphic design class with a boy who looked similar, complete with skinny jeans and hi-tops.

[adobe photoshop]