Camera Earrings

Camera Earrings

I thought this would be a fun idea for all the photography nerds out there! They are for sale at my etsy store, along with many other styles of earrings.


Valentine’s Day Earrings

I’m working on some Valentine’s Day Earrings for Etsy. Making earrings is a little time consuming, especially the way they’ve been selling lately. So I haven’t been keeping up with my nails. I’ve actually done a few designs but just never got around to photographing them. Maybe I will give it a rest for a while… or maybe not 🙂
Owl Earrings - Pink Owl Earrings - Black
Valentine's Day Earrings

Polymer Clay Earrings

Owl EarringsPenguin Earrings

These are some recent additions to my etsy store. I made some for Craig’s mom and I thought they were so cute, I made a second pair of each to sell. I’ve been selling a lot of earrings lately, so I think I might see what else I can come up with!