Easter Nails

Easter Nails

I found some time to do an Easter design!

These are links to some Easter designs from previous years.
2015 Easter Nails
2014 Easter Nails


Fairy Garden

These are some of the things I have been working on lately. It took a while to get back on track and I thought I might never find the motivation to start sculpting again.


2015-04-01 22.04.43

I plan to make more miniatures for a fairy garden like I said I was going to a few months ago. Hopefully I follow through with it this time 🙂

These are for sale on my etsy store.

Winter Nails

Winter Nails

I was going for something abstract with winter colors but it kind of reminds me of a mermaid and my co-worker said it reminded her of Easter, haha. Craig said he thought of Da Vinci but I think he probably meant Monet… 🙂 It’s funny how an abstract design can mean something different to everyone.

These were SO easy to do. They probably took me a half an hour at the most. The base of the design is white. I chose colors that were a little bit transparent… you know, the type of polish that will definitely take two coats, and then I used a q-tip to apply dots.

The point of all of this for me is just to have fun and I do… so mission accomplished 🙂

Nail Polish Used
OPI Alpine Snow
Finger Paints Cerulean Seascape
Orly Charged Up

Elegant Easter Nails

Elegant Easter Nails

I was looking at some stock photos for inspiration for my Easter nails. Really.. there is only so much you can do to represent Easter. I wanted my design to be different and I came across a photo of nude colored eggs with white designs on them. They really stood out from the rest of the pastel colors surrounding them and I thought they looked simple and elegant… so I decided to use that photo for my inspiration. Unfortunately I don’t have a membership to the stock photo site so I can’t share the photo with you.

Nail Polish Used:
OPI Alpine Snow
China Glaze Angel’s Death

A little bit of this and that

In this nail art design I did a little bit of everything… Stripes, flowers, sparkles, chevron and dots. I was told by my fiance that it looks a little bit too “Easter” for November and I agree with him but sometimes I guess I just like doing things a little out of character.

My friends and family say they can’t wait to see my upcoming designs for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess I better get back into the season.

Nail Polish Used:
Orly “Gum Drop”
China Glaze “White on White”
Essie “Cab-ana”

Easter Nails

Easter Nails by intraordinary
Easter Nails, a photo by intraordinary on Flickr.

I haven’t been very creative lately. When I was looking for a job I always felt that I had to keep doing some kind of project or I wouldn’t be trying hard enough. I didn’t want to feel like I had given up, like I wasn’t giving all I had. I felt guilty doing nothing. Now that I have a little bit more security in my life I can enjoy not having to do anything. It’s something I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

It’s been 3 months since I started my new job and I am happier then I’ve been in years. In the job I had before this one, people started to know me as grumpy and irritable. I didn’t realize I had become that person or why. Now I understand that it was the environment I was in. It was that place that made me unhappy. Everything I feared in getting a new job was what I was living already.

It’s so refreshing to work with people that are good at their job. It’s so great to have a manager that takes their job seriously and treats every concern like an immediate problem that needs to be taken care of. I think I can learn a lot from my current manager. My old manager would treat us like we were being bratty children that were tattling on each other when we voiced a concern about our co-workers. He ignored every confrontation he could until that place become intolerable. Everybody got away with whatever they wanted. The people here, for the most part, have a mutual respect for each other.

Now that I am not doing dishes for hours everyday or constantly dipping my hands in sanitizer water, I can finally enjoy my nails. I’ve always thought of them as a gift from my grandmother. She always had perfect nails.

This week I did my nails to represent Easter, which is coming up this weekend. I used pastel colors and designs that you might decorate your Easter eggs with! This is my new obsession so you will probably be seeing more nail art in the future. Till then, (for those of you that celebrate) Happy Easter.