Portrait of Ashlyn



I’ve taken a break from nail art and polymer clay for now. That seems to be the way it is with me. I get obsessed with something, and then after a while I lose interest. I truly do enjoy doing both things and I have no doubt I will do them again.

But I can’t go for long with out doing something creative with my time. I think it’s probably been about 5 years since I’ve done and portraits in photoshop. I’ve done a few drawing over the passed few days and I can already see myself improving. So far they’ve just been random and I figured I should probably do a series. So, I am going to do portraits of my family.

This first one is of my niece, Ashlyn.



Ashlyn Illustration

I did this drawing of my niece Ashlyn. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her and I miss her so much. I’ve been begging her for a recent photo so I could (digitally) paint a picture of her. I realize that this a is a very stylized rendition and I did it that way because I am infatuated with the style of an artist named Kelly Vivanco. I love how she exaggerates the eyes and uses thick dark outlines and bright colors. I don’t claim to be anywhere near as good as she is and I wish I could have gone a little bit further with it but my computer can’t keep up with photoshop these days.

Speaking of computers! Craig is going to build me a new one, he already ordered the parts. I’m so stoked, I haven’t had a new computer in about 7 years. I have had a few upgrades on various parts to keep it going, but I’m long passed due for a new one. I can’t wait!

Anyways, There is not much I can do to show Ashlyn how important she is to me when we don’t get to see each other. I don’t want all of our memories of each other during this time to be non existent. I want to create a good memory… so I hope she likes it 🙂

Ashlyn Side-by-side

The original drawing, which I did in pencil and marker is on the left and the photo I used for reference is on the right.

Business Casual

fashion illustration by KT❤
fashion illustration, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

I’m enjoying creating these figures. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to concentrate on a project for only a couple of hours. Or even at intervals throughout the day. I usually have so much going on I don’t have time to do something for myself. There’s to much to learn and explore and not enough time.

A few of my favorite things

I’m listening to the “Game of Thrones” audio book right now. I’ve seen the first 2 seasons of the HBO series. The man reading the book has a rich accent so it’s been hard to follow sometimes but a good experience.

The book has helped me to understand the characters better, which is the reason the story is so good. The characters are played up so well and you begin to understand their hopes and fears and watch them overcome it all. It’s amazing.

Audio books are my new favorite thing. I have been listening to them non-stop since January. A lot of times when people find out I read audio books they think I’m taking the easy way out. As if the importance of the book is to physically read it. I think the story is the most important thing. And the experience of having one or multiple readers bring the story to life, is much more satisfying to me. But of course I understand where they are coming from… I can’t shut off empathy, unfortunately.

fashion illustration by KT❤
fashion illustration, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

I created a new illustration last night. It was really fun but very time consuming to do two people at once. I believe the more time you put into something, the better the results. Instant gratification is over rated 😉

Beautiful Mornings

fashion illustration by KT❤
fashion illustration, a photo by KT❤ on Flickr.

Today is one of the days I feel motivated. I love mornings to myself, listening to music, creating, and sharing it all with the world in my computer.

It’s hard to focus my attention on one thing because my mind keeps reminding me of all the other things I have to get done. But that can wait until the afternoon. I will do what I want to do in the morning.